General questions

Droples are small, stylish tags - Drops - that help you keep track of your belongings. Attach a Drop on whatever your like and use the Droples app in your smartphone to receive separation alerts, read signal strength, locate the Drop by sound, etc.
No, it is not a GPS-tracker and it is not possible to track your belongings in real time over a great distance. Locating Drops (tags) relies on the proximity between the Drop and a smartphone that have our Droples app installed and active.
Droples helps you find things in larger areas by using our patented search method (we call it "The Greater Good"), where the community of Droples users creates a search network that spans beyond your own neighborhood.
In general, Droples works on iOS and Android smartphones. But, since there are numerous smartphone configurations out there we cannot promise universal support for these two platforms. Read more information here.
  • Buy your Drops from our webshop
  • Download the app from AppStore or Google Play
  • Register a Droples-account in the app
  • Login and register your Drop(s)
The app will guide you through the necessary steps to complete the Drop registration.
You can buy Drops from our webshop or from one of our resellers that are available both online and in retail stores.
Yes, you can still use Droples but with limited functionality. It is necessary to have Bluetooth enabled when actively using Droples, e.g. when registering Drops, searching for Drops, etc.
Everybody that has the Droples app installed and has started the app will search for all Drops. If a friend or family member wants to help you find one of your Drops, they just install the app and then they will be good on their way in helping you.
We believe in the power of the Greater Good and we encourage you to take part in it. Yet, the Droples app and system is based on total privacy. You help others anonymously, you will not know who you are helping and no one will know that you are the helper. Everything is totally secure and private.
Yes, you only have to install and open the Droples app on your smartphone. Your smartphone will then start scanning for nearby Drops and anonymously transfer that information to the owners of each individual Drop.
Use the Help-button on our website to reach out to the Droples team. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Yes, we have Drops ready for delivery and if we would ever run out of stock it will be clearly stated in the webshop.
Yes, you need to register a Droples-account to purchase Drops from our webshop and/or to register for a Droples Premium subscription.
Droples currently ships to most European countries and the US.
Shipping is free for customers within the EU and 99 SEK for other customers. The cost is clearly stated in the order summary before checkout.
We normally ship your order within 2 working days. We use PostNord for shipping and actual delivery time will vary depending on your delivery location.
Please send us a message from the Help-button and we will give you a quote on larger quantities.

The Drop

The maximum range of Droples is approximately 100 meters (measured at free line of sight between phone and Drop and 1.5 meter from the ground), but the environment around the Drop heavily determines the actual operational range in each individual situation. By taking part in the Greater Good, other Droples users will widen your search range and help you find Drops beyond your range.
The battery in your Drop lasts up to 1 year depending on usage. The battery is replaceable and you can easily replace it yourself.
Your app will let you know when the battery level is low (see the battery icon in the App) and the Drop will alert you with a beeping sound when the battery is critically low.
When the battery in your Drop is at really critical level the Drop will beep every now and then to indicate its time to change the battery.
  • Gently separate the two parts that makes up the plastic enclosure, using a screwdriver or a similar tool. There is a small notch in the plastic to make this easier.
  • Replace the battery with a fresh CR2032 battery. Make sure you insert the battery the correct way, the plus-sign on the battery should not be facing the electronics board.
  • Gently push the two plastic halves back together. Be very careful keeping the two halves in level, otherwise the small battery connectors could be damages in the process.
  • Finally, if the battery is properly inserted, you will hear a tri-tone signal and your Drop is back in normal operation again.
The plastic enclosure is completely sealed. This is great for making our Drops water-resistant but has the drawback of making the sound a bit muted.
The LED is there, but the dark plastic is not allowing the light to be visible in the same way as the other colors.

The App

The Droples app is available in AppStore for iOS and Google Play for Android.
After registering your Drop it can be in two different states:
  • Connected - this means that your Drop has an active connection with your smartphone. In this state of operation it is possible to read signal strength, use the beep button, configure flight mode, get separation alerts, etc.
  • Disconnected - this means that your Drop not have an active Bluetooth connection with your smartphone. In this state the Drop only signals its presence by transmitting a short, one-way data package at a regular time interval.
To get separation alert on your smartphone, e.g. if leaving your keys behind, it is necessary to have the Drop in connected state.
Separation alerts on/off is configurable in the settings view.
Freemium Droples accounts has a limit of 10 Drops per account. Premium accounts does not have this limit.
The number of concurrently "connected" Drops is ultimately restricted by the Bluetooth specification and the manufacturer of your smartphone.
That said, a practical limit of three actively connected Drops works well on most smartphones.
The Droples app currently support English, Swedish and German languages.
Power mode controls how often the Drop announces its presence when in disconnected state. This heavily affects the amount of power used but also how responsive the Drop will be in going from disconnected to connected state, e.g. when starting a proximity search. Power mode comes in three stages resulting in 3, 6 or 12 months of battery life. Normal, with 6 months battery time, is the default power mode configuration.
Use the Help-button on this page to contact us, we will help you out.

Droples Premium

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Log in with your Droples-account on this page and find your subscription details.
Click the "edit" icon and it will take you to the subscription cancellation form.

NOTE: Droples Premium is being discontinued. Signing up for this service is no longer possible.