Are you always looking for your keys? For your kids keys? Do you remember if you left your wallet in the car or at home?

Tag everything with Droples and use the Droples app to find them. Droples will help you find your things and save valuable time.


This is Droples

Droples are small, stylish tags - Drops - that utilize Bluetooth and our patented methodology to realise a tracking system for your things.

The Drops are designed to last, they are highly water-resistent and lasts up to 1 year on one battery.

Our goal is to deliver a high quality, functional and affordable tool to save time in our customers everyday life.

Droples App

Find items near you with the proximity view in the Droples app or see the last known position of your items in the map view.
The Droples app and its server system provides an ecosystem helping you find your things on your own or enhance your search range by utilizing social crowdsourcing.

Map overview

See the location of your Drops, both the position of those nearby and the last seen location of those adrift.

Attach your Drops

Your Drops want to know to what they are attached. Choose from predefined items or customize.

Droples overview

See a list of your Drops and latest conversation status.

Privacy settings

Choose your level of privacy: help yourself, let friends and family help you, or let the entire Droples community help you.

Find your things in no time


Attach Drops to loved ones